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AEA 2019 – Motivation for ’The Marketeer of the year’ award

‘The Marketeer of the year’ award is presented to a Danish company or brand, that has made themselves noticed by doing outstanding marketing in the recent year. You don’t need to enter a case or become nominated at Advertising Effectiveness Awards to be taken into consideration for ‘The Marketeer of the year’ award. However, you need to really impress the 14 people on the board of KreaKom throughout the year with your marketing efforts, since it’s their call to nominate candidates and the chairman og co-chairs to take the final decision on a winner.

And – I can tell you – as agency leaders they are not an easy crowd to get excited about other people’s campaigns! Nonetheless this year it wasn’t that difficult to get them excited, since one company clearly stood out. Before I reveal who that is, I will tell you a little bit about our motivation and how we have seen the concept of ‘marketing effort’ evolve and expand in recent years. Doing ‘Great marketing’ used to be about getting more visibility than your budget qualified for, outsmarting the competitors instead of outspending them and daring to be courageously creative as a shortcut to getting better results and sales. It was about how could marketing benefit YOU and your company. Doing ‘Great marketing’ today increasingly needs to have an extra dimension or kpi. It is now about how can marketing both benefit your company AND your society. Why is that? Because as marketeers, ngo’s or private companies you have a gigantic opportunity in front of you.

It seems that people have lost faith in their governments and politicians in Denmark and around the world to solve the biggest problems of our society. A recent study from Havas shows that 55% of consumers now believe that companies have a more important role than governments in creating a better future. Another study demonstrates that 2 out of 3 consumers worldwide are now “belief-driven buyers. Which means they will either choose, switch or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues. This is 25% up from last year when Edelman found that 51% of consumers were belief-driven buyers.

A Nordic report has shown similar results. 3 out of 4 Danish consumers now say that sustainability impacts their buying decision. And 4 out of 10 Danes are willing to pay a 10% price premium for a more sustainable product.

2019’s ‘Marketeer of the year’ have shown with their recent behavior that they truly understand the new and expanded concept of ‘Great marketing’. That is not any longer only about what YOU as a company can get out of it – but also how you can benefit your surrounding world and help solving some of society’s big challenges. In a minute I will hand over the mic to them and let them talk you through some of their thinking and efforts. If you still haven’t guessed who it is and need a hint, I can say…Among other things it involves spending 3 years and millions of kroner to develop a world-first innovation that have reduced the amount of plastic used in one of their most sold units with a reported 76%.

It’s a brand that have used precious airtime and ads not to sell products but to teach their customers how the unfamiliar new packaging worked and to get them to feel more comfortable with it.They have also experimented with developing biodegradable paper bottles instead of cans and glass bottles. And at least in the opinion of the board of KreaKom – It’s probably the best choice of a winner this year!

‘The Marketeer of the year’ award 2019, Carlsberg Group






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